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How to Make DIY Window Blind Repairs

For many people, the extra time at home over the past few months has opened their eyes to new tasks and projects around the house. Those minor issues that didn’t register before – like a broken window blind – is suddenly a problem that must be fixed immediately. Luckily, many minor window blind repairs can [...]

How to Make DIY Window Blind Repairs2020-05-27T12:43:07-05:00

Can Blinds Improve Energy Efficiency?

Although winter is over, it’s still a good time to think about energy efficiency. Window blinds are an easy and cost-effective way to improve window efficiency in all seasons, reducing heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer. There are many ways in which blinds, curtains and shutters help to conserve energy. We’ll highlight [...]

Can Blinds Improve Energy Efficiency?2020-04-29T08:45:43-05:00

Should You Hire a Professional Blind Installer?

New window treatments are a big investment, so it can be tempting to skip the additional expense of professional blind installation. But, depending on the type of blinds and your level of DIY comfort and experience, hiring a professional blind installer could actually save a good deal of time and money. There are a few [...]

Should You Hire a Professional Blind Installer?2020-03-03T11:33:36-06:00