a woman peeking through window blinds

If you’ve recently upgraded your windows, you may find that your existing window blinds no longer fit. But don’t throw out those blinds – they can likely be cut down to fit your new windows.

Before bringing blinds to Blind Installation & Repair for a cut-down, you need to fit them to your window. Luckily, it’s a lot easier than you think!

Step 1: Measure Your Window Openings

Measuring windows for blinds is pretty straightforward. But if you’re not confident in your measuring ability, or if you’d like an expert to double check, just give us a call. We offer professional measuring services throughout the Twin Cities metro.

  • Measure each window thoroughly. This includes horizontal measurements at the top, center and bottom, and vertical measurements along both sides and at the center. Then take the additional and important step of measuring diagonally too. These measurements combined will reveal whether or not your window is square.
  • If a window isn’t square, consider an outside mount, installing the window covering above your opening.
  • If your window treatment telescopes to one side as it is raised, the window may not be level. Many shades have an adjustable bottom rail weight. It can be moved to compensate for the window frame and prevent telescoping.

Step 2: Cut Down Your Blinds

After you’ve measured the perfect fit, it’s time to cut down your window blinds. We offer custom cut-down services to ensure that your blinds fit securely in your window. Simply drop off your blinds at our Crystal location, and we do the rest. Contact us for more information on our cut-down services.

Step 3: Install

Now that your blinds are sized and cut, it’s time to install. Give us a call at 763-586-0109 and we’ll come out to your location to make sure your blinds are a perfect fit for your windows.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now your beautiful new windows – and well-fitted blinds – are ready for you to enjoy for year to come!

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Whatever your blind issue, our experienced blind installers and repair team are ready to help. Contact us today to get started.