New Windows Doesn’t Have to Mean New Blinds


You know the saying – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Installing new windows in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need new blinds as well. If you still like the way your current blinds look, you may be able to resize them to fit your new windows!

There are several benefits to cutting down your current blinds:

Reduce cost: New windows are expensive on their own, so you may be looking to save money by sticking with your current blinds rather than buying brand new. If all your blinds need is a small adjustment, let us resize them! No need to go shopping again.

Keep your style: Your home, décor and furniture all go great with your current blinds – there is no need to change them up. Reusing your current blinds allows the current feel and comfort of your home to remain in place.

More for your money: Extend the life of your current blinds by giving them a quick adjustment.

So before you toss out your current blinds, contact the experts at Blind Installation and Repair. We’d be happy to let you know if resizing your window blinds is an option!