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We Fix Blinds offers premier window blind repair services for your home or business. We provide installation, repair and cut down of window treatments to tailor to your specific needs and budget. Whether you are looking to increase your home’s privacy or hope to save some money on your utility bill by gaining more energy efficiency, we are here to provide the expertise you need and deserve in Collegeville.

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Why Blind Repairs Are Important in Collegeville

Most people in Collegeville forget the importance of window treatments in their house. Window blinds provide the necessary shade so that you can control of your window treatments can affect the integrity of your home.  Choosing to upgrade and repair your window blinds can save you a lot of money and make your home look amazing from the inside or out. Here are some other great reasons to keep your blinds in great condition.

Achieve Better Privacy

A completely functioning window treatment can provide you with the privacy you need. We Fix Blinds in Collegeville can offer several solutions ranging from basic repair to total replacement of your existing window treatments to ensure you are able to keep the level of privacy you desire. A lot of people have gotten used to simply buying their window treatments from the store not knowing the quality of the product they they purchased. Some have just settled for cumbersome curtains that gather dust and tend to sacrifice too much natural light to achieve privacy. We believe that these are not the only solutions to your problems. Call us today so we can provide you with an assessment of the status of your window treatments and offer you a solid solution that will allow you more control of your privacy and natural lighting needs.

Achieve Better Light Control

The quality of your window treatments and their structure provides a major role in terms of how much light can enter a room. At We Fix Blinds the blind repair Collegeville specialists, we can provide you with tools that they think are essential to any window treatment installation, but that may not be enough, you also need the correct skills and experience to ensure that the job is done right, the first time. Measuring the area for the window blinds requires everything to have the right dimensions and doing the installation itself to ensure that you have correctly installed blinds are normally outside the skill set of the average homeowner. One major advantage of getting window blind installation done by the pros is it makes the entire process straightforward and seamless, due in large part to their skills and correct tools.

Energy Savings

You want your new window treatments to have energy efficiency no doubt. Proper and professional installation of your blinds ensures that the treatments perform as required. No exposed trim (for those that want to hide them due to wear & tear), no gaps or leaks and more importantly no damage to the structure itself. Therefore, optimal energy efficiency is assured.

Keep Warranty Intact

There is no rule that homeowners in Collegeville cannot attempt to install their window treatments themselves. However, we always recommend having an experienced professional to do this type of work. Window blinds do come with a warranty however an incorrect installation can void this. It is best to know what you are doing first before attempting to do it yourself. If you want to take away the guesswork, inconvenience and ensure your warranty is safe, have a professional installer do the work for you.

Achieve Privacy

One of the main reasons why people install window blinds in their homes is to provide them with the privacy they need. Some homes feature large windows that require vertical blind installation, only a pro that has the necessary know-how and experience can ensure that homeowners get the privacy they need including the right window treatments for different sized windows.

We Fix Blinds can do professional installation of all kinds of blinds and all major window treatment products.

Wood Blind Installation Collegeville, MN

Wood blinds is usually the preferred window treatment products.  They offer a classy silhouette with incomparable functionality.  They look beautiful in all rooms where people can enjoy their classic look and design.  Versatility is one word that can truly define wood blinds. The natural material feature qualities that can suit almost any kind of décor. Regardless, if you have a cozy home with traditional furnishing or a modern open floor plan home that features lots of light and dazzling furniture, wooden blinds can work quite well. Moreover, you will not have a problem getting the shade to match the surroundings, regardless if the home is a period property or a contemporary masterpiece.  We Fix Blinds offer professional wood blind installation to ensure not only correct placement but also complete harmony with the rest of the room.

Warm & Cozy

Wood offers the best material for warmth, insulation and energy efficiency not to mention a comfortable style that comes with every panel.  When you go for professional wood blind installation the loss of heat from your room is reduced as the blinds close correctly as they should.  If you live in an older property, the blinds can provide you protection from cold drafts. By having wood blinds installed in your home, you will reap the benefits of better thermal efficiency during the cold season, ensuring that your family stays warm with minimal need to turn up the heating.

Hunter Douglas Blind Installation Collegeville

Hunter Douglas is one of the leading blind manufacturers for over 100 years. They have invented a lot of many window treatment designs that are considered standard in the industry today. For instance, the iconic Duette®Honeycomb Shade that offers game-changing energy efficiency benefits that are considered industry standard.  Some of their recent products are imbued with smart technology that integrate well with smart home operating systems that allow the shades to move automatically for the best positions during the day.

We Fix Blinds of Collegeville offers professional Hunter Douglas blind installation that can maximize the functionality and beauty of your window treatments.  We can completely block the sun or enhance your homes’ natural lighting conditions depending on your mood or preference. The products used offer a range of light control and privacy possibilities using a broad selection of different fabrics and materials in a slew of different opacities from sheer to room darkening opaque.

Want it dark? We Fix Blinds can install the Duette LightLock™ system that provides 100% pitch black darkness to any room. This is the latest operating system for Duette Honeycomb shades, the prototype that has the ability to completely block outside light. It features u-shaped side channels that fit snugly into the window or overlapping the font and back portion of the shades. It also has specially shaped micro-ridges within the channels and absorb light thereby preventing it from entering the room.

Room Darkening Liners

If you prefer to have optional room darkening capabilities, We Fix Blinds can install a room darkening liner that is available on many Hunter Douglas shades. The liner may be sewn directly to the face fabric or for the best flexibility, may operate independently. The Duolite feature can provide maximum light control using two separate fabric panels in order to achieve that day/night level of convenience, offering unbridled options for light control and privacy.

Cut Down Blinds

When you have recently replaced some windows or still want to keep a set of blinds you have to save money, sometimes cut down blindsare all you need. Did you know that you do not necessarily have to replace your existing blinds outright? Window treatments may be cut down so they can fit a smaller window. We Fix Blinds offer top of the line cut down blinds service for different models and brands of window treatments.  When you opt to have cut down blinds you are saving hundreds of dollars and also putting less trash to the landfill by re-using your existing blinds.  Keep in mind though that cutting down blinds needs to be done by professionals to ensure the blinds are not damaged and the result will look like the blinds were not altered.  Call us today to know more on how we can save you money and have your existing blinds put to good use.

Blind Safety Collegeville

It only takes a second. This is how long it takes for window blinds to cause fatal injury to babies, toddlers and young kids. Take the example of one stay-at-home parent that was taking care of her infant son Sean. It was a seemingly routine day for Molly when she left her baby for a second in their living room in order to get him something to eat. She came back to find her child with a cord around his neck, limp and not moving. Molly tried to remove the dangling cord immediately, performed CPR and then called 911.  Paramedics rushed to her home to try and revive him however, all efforts failed as Sean suffered from fatal strangulation due to the corded blind just moments after her mom left the room to get some milk. Stories like this are increasingly becoming more common all across the country. Some are able to see it as a learning experience while others have had more fatal outcomes. Window blinds safety Collegeville is an issue that is slowly coming to the mainstream as more and more injuries are reported each year.  This is the reason why since December 2018, window blind makers have begun prohibiting the sale of corded blinds in order to prevent or completely eliminate accidental death injuries due to strangulation.

Preventable With Proper Blind Safety

It is sad to say that one too many kids have fallen victim to strangulation from window blind cords – a completely preventable accident that a lot of parents have not realized was a safety issue in the first place.  According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, corded window blinds was noted as one of the top 5 hidden hazards seen in US homes because of the fact that infants and young children can easily get entangled with them. The most dangerous parts of a typical corded blind system include the looped cords; inner cords, lifting loops and pull cords.

A recent study from a prominent medical journal looking through 26 years of data showed that from 1990 through 2015 there were 17,000 kids treated at emergency rooms all across the country for window blind related injuries. The statistics are alarming because on average there were 2 kids each day being sent to the ER. While most of the kids were treated and released, there was at least one death each month due to strangulation.

New Regulations

Since December of 2015 corded window blinds are no longer allowed to be sold off the shelf. The new rules affect pre-made products. On the other hand, customized blinds do not necessarily have to be cordless but the cord length is limited to at least 40% of the length of the shade in order to eliminate dangling parts. Moreover, the new regulations also mandate that blinds should feature a wand instead of the traditional cord in order to adjust the tilt and the shade. Most of the basis for the new regulations was from injuries and sometimes deaths that have happened as a result of getting entangled. The objective is no kid should die much less get injured because of something as plain as cords. Everyone knows that kids love to play and as a result, accidents can happen. As opposed to leaving things to chance, window blind manufacturers are praying the changes put in place will save countless lives.

Blind Safety Image

Blind Safety – Making Blinds Safer


The better option for people that still have corded blinds in their homes in Collegeville it so replace them with either cordless or the motorized variety. Not only are they safer and user friendly but they also eliminate any chance of strangulation. If you are thinking of installing window blinds in your homes and have small kids about, it is recommended to get a solar shade, roller or cellular shade. Anything that is flat and simple and without any open structure or multiple rungs should be adequate.

Cordless blinds feature a wand in order to allow opening, closing and adjustment of the blind slats. There are devices that are spring-loaded and are able to go up and down if you pull on the bottom rail.  There are some versions of Roman shades that let you get rid of the cords and replace it with clips that allow the shade to open. If you are not sure if the product you are thinking of purchasing is safe for your kids, look for a safety seal from the WCMA or the Window Covering Manufacturers Association or a “Best for Kids” label seen on all products that have been cleared safe to use in homes that have small kids.

Make Your Home a Safe Environment for Kids

Don’t let your family become a victim from the dangers that corded blinds poses. While waiting to get rid of your corded blinds with a much more child-friendly product, begin cutting any looped cords you see on your window blinds so you instead create individual cords. Use inner cord stops in order to stop them from simply being pulled out. However, it is important that you know that individual cords including those that feature safety tassels can and will get tangled. Also, not all inner-cord stoppers can be installed on all window blind models.

It is not enough for parents to simply cut the cords and think that they have already solved the problem. Kids will always be kids and they are naturally always curious. More so with the older ones that have already developed the motor ability to climb up and reach the cords.  While there are tension devices that you can use in order to minimize slack, not all of them can be installed on your windows and it is not a good idea to simply wrap a pulled cord around a cleat. Keep in mind that any kid has the potential to gain access to them.

Accidents from corded window blinds are for the most part silent because the child could not easily call for help because there is no air and strangulation can occur in seconds or minutes.  Young kids are often curious, quick and do not yet have the mental capacities to discern danger.  How many times have we heard parents saying they only took their eyes off for a minute and then it happened?  What is the best way to eliminate the possibility of entanglement? Replace your window blinds and shades with something that is safe for kids.

Most Common Hazard Scenarios

Based on available data, the most common scenarios involving accidents with window covering devices are:

  • Entanglement resulting to strangulation from the continuous loop cord or chain of vertical blinds and draperies or in loops created by multiple cords terminating in an individual tassel (for older horizontal blinds)
  • Entanglement resulting to strangulation from a loop formed by a knot tied in the lift cords commonly seen in horizontal type blind cords
  • Entanglement resulting to strangulation from the inner loop of horizontal blinds

The data suggests that an overwhelming sixty percent of accidents involved cord blind systems using horizontal blinds, 40% concerning continuous loop system normally seen in vertical blinds and draperies. Most of the incidents occurred using outdated products that have not yet complied with current safety standards. However, those that meet the voluntary standard can still pose a threat should the cords get tied up of any of the loose ones results to entanglement.

Preventive Measures

If you are thinking of purchasing window blinds for your home, make sure you purchase products that are compliant with all of the latest regulations and guidelines on window blind safety.  How do you know if the product you intend to buy is compliant? Learn the regulations yourself.  Even with all the safety standards in place, they can still pose a danger to your kids. How you can you still further lessen the hazards?  Here’s how:

Remove Access

This is the first and easiest thing you can do.  Refrain from putting chairs, couches and other furniture near windows that have window blinds installed on them.  Kids are very resilient and they can easily climb tables, bookshelves and other pieces of furniture if they decide to.  If they discover a window blind within reach chances are they will be curious and find some way to play with them.  Kids will always be kids and do not fault them for wanting to explore the world around them. Instead make it safe for them to be able to move about without fear of injury or death.

Retrofit Kits

If you own older corded shades and blinds, you can try installing a retrofit kit if you cannot afford to upgrade to a cordless version right away. Based on Federal regulations, a continuous loop must always be connected securely to the wall with a tensioner or be cut into two cords and with a safety tassel installed on the bottom of each loose cord.

Regularly Check

Practice regularly checking your window blinds for any possible threat to your kids. Check if the tensioners are fastened securely to the wall and the cord cleats are installed in such a way that they are out of your children’s reach.  As your kids grow taller, you may need to adjust them. By doing this and ensuring your window blinds meet all current safety measure guidelines your home will become a much safer place.

Want to make sure your window blinds are safe for you and your kids? Call us today so we can advice and offer a practical solution.

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