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Blind Repair Constance

We Fix Blinds offers premier window blind repair services for your residence. We provide installation, repair and cut down of window treatments to match your specific needs and budget. Whether you are looking to increase your home’s privacy or hope to save some money on your utility bill by gaining more energy efficiency, we are here to provide the help you need and deserve in Constance.

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Why Blind Repairs Are Important in Constance

A lot of homeowners in Constance ignore the importance of window treatments in their house. Window blinds provide the necessary shade so that you can limit to allow] the amount of light that enters your room. If you happen to have larger windows or sliding doors, window treatments can offer the necessary privacy you need from the peering eyes of neighbors. Neglecting the repair and [maintenance of your window treatments can affect the integrity of your home.  Choosing to upgrade and repair your window blinds can save you a lot of money and make your home look amazing from the inside or out. Here are some other great reasons to keep your blinds in great condition.

Achieve Better Privacy

A completely operational window treatment can provide you with the privacy you need. We Fix Blinds in Constance can offer several solutions ranging from basic repair to completely replacing your existing window treatments to ensure you are able to keep the level of privacy you desire. A lot of people have gotten used to simply buying their window treatments from the store not knowing the quality of the product they they purchased. Some have just settled for awkward curtains that gather dust and tend to sacrifice too much natural light to achieve privacy. We believe that these are not the only solutions to your problems. Call us today so we can provide you with an idea of the condition of your window treatments and offer you a good solution that will allow you more control of your privacy and natural lighting needs.

Achieve Better Light Control

The condition of your window treatments and their build provides a major role in terms of how much light can enter a room. At We Fix Blinds the blind repair Constance specialists, we can provide you with plethora that they think are essential to any window treatment installation, but it is not enough that you have these devices, you also need the correct skills and experience to ensure that the job is done right, the first time. Measuring the area for the window blinds requires everything to have the right dimensions and doing the installation itself to ensure that you have correctly installed blinds are normally outside the skill set of the average homeowner. One major advantage of getting window blind installation done by the pros is it makes the entire process straightforward and seamless, due in large part to their skills and correct tools.

Energy Savings

You want your new window treatments to have energy efficiency no doubt. Proper and professional installation of your blinds ensures that the treatments perform as required. No exposed trim (for those that want to hide them due to wear & tear), no gaps or leaks and more importantly no damage to the structure itself. Therefore, optimal energy efficiency is assured.

Keep Warranty Intact

There is no rule that homeowners in Constance cannot attempt to install their window treatments themselves. However, we always recommend having an experienced professional to do this type of work. Window blinds do come with a warranty however an incorrect installation can void this. It is best to know what you are doing first before attempting to do it yourself. If you want to take away the guesswork, inconvenience and ensure your warranty is safe, have a professional installer do the work for you.

Achieve Privacy

One of the main reasons why people install window blinds in their homes is to provide them with the privacy they need. Some homes feature large windows that require vertical blind installation, only a pro that has the necessary know-how and experience can ensure that homeowners get the privacy they need including the right window treatments for different sized windows.

We Fix Blinds can do professional installation of all kinds of blinds and all major window treatment products.

Wood Blind Installation Constance, MN

Wood blinds is usually the preferred window treatment products.  They offer a classy silhouette with incomparable functionality.  They look beautiful in all rooms where people can enjoy their classic look and design.  Versatility is one word that can truly define wood blinds. The natural material feature qualities that can suit almost any kind of décor. Regardless, if you have a cozy home with traditional furnishing or a modern open floor plan home that features lots of light and dazzling furniture, wooden blinds can work quite well. Moreover, you will not have a problem getting the shade to match the surroundings, regardless if the home is a period property or a contemporary masterpiece.  We Fix Blinds offer professional wood blind installation to ensure not only correct placement but also complete harmony with the rest of the room.

Warm & Cozy

Wood offers the best material for warmth, insulation and energy efficiency not to mention a comfortable style that comes with every panel.  When you go for professional wood blind installation the loss of heat from your room is reduced as the blinds close correctly as they should.  If you live in an older property, the blinds can provide you protection from cold drafts. By having wood blinds installed in your home, you will reap the benefits of better thermal efficiency during the cold season, ensuring that your family stays warm with minimal need to turn up the heating.

Hunter Douglas Blind Installation Constance

Hunter Douglas is one of the leading blind manufacturers for over 100 years. They have invented a lot of many window treatment designs that are considered standard in the industry today. For instance, the iconic Duette®Honeycomb Shade that offers game-changing energy efficiency benefits that are considered industry standard.  Some of their recent products are imbued with smart technology that integrate well with smart home operating systems that allow the shades to move automatically to their perfect positions throughout the day.

We Fix Blinds of Constance offers professional Hunter Douglas blind installation that can maximize the functionality and beauty of your window treatments.  We can completely block the sun or enhance your homes’ natural lighting conditions depending on wants and desires. The products used offer a range of light control and privacy possibilities using a broad selection of different fabrics and materials in a slew of different opacities from sheer to room darkening opaque.

Want it dark? We Fix Blinds can install the Duette LightLock™ system that provides 100% pitch black darkness to any room. This is the latest operating system for Duette Honeycomb shades, the prototype that has the ability to completely block outside light. It features u-shaped side channels that fit snugly into the window or overlapping the font and back portion of the shades. It also has specially shaped micro-ridges within the channels and absorb light thereby preventing it from entering the room.

Room Darkening Liners

If you prefer to have optional room darkening capabilities, We Fix Blinds can install a room darkening liner that is available on many Hunter Douglas shades. The liner may be sewn directly to the face fabric or for the best flexibility, may operate independently. The Duolite feature can provide maximum light control using two separate fabric panels in order to achieve that day/night level of convenience, offering unbridled options for light control and privacy.

Cut Down Blinds

When you have recently replaced some windows or still want to keep a set of blinds you have to save money, sometimes cut down blindsare all you need. Did you know that you do not necessarily have to replace your existing blinds outright? Window treatments may be cut down so they can fit a smaller window. We Fix Blinds offer top of the line cut down blinds service for different models and brands of window treatments.  When you opt to have cut down blinds you are saving hundreds of dollars and also putting less trash to the landfill by re-using your existing blinds.  Keep in mind though that cutting down blinds needs to be done by professionals to ensure the blinds are not damaged and the result will look like the blinds were not altered.  Call us today to know more on how we can save you money and have your existing blinds put to good use.

Blind Safety Constance

There is an unknown silent danger that is quietly lurking in our homes. It is a hazard that sometimes even the most safety conscious of parents overlook. What we are referring to are window blinds, and their long cords.  In just a matter of seconds, a curious, healthy and playful toddler or baby may accidentally wrap a loose cord or chain around their neck resulting in strangulation.  This is the reason why every homeowner in Constance should know and practice window blind safety.


In the United States, around one child succumbs to strangulation from these cords every couple of weeks. What the authorities were able to discern was in almost each individual case, the child was at least age 3 years or younger. The age range is actually between 16 months and 36 months old, with the majority (more than 50%) occurring at around 23 months of age. This is a very alarming statistic. So many tragic deaths may have been prevented if all of us observe the proper safety procedures when handling window blinds and its accessories.  Research also tell us that most accidental deaths involving blind cords usually happen in the bedroom.

Why is This So?

Toddlers are just beginning to be mobile and as such they want to explore the world around them using their hands. However, their heads still weigh heavier than their bodies when compared to kids and adults. On top of that, they have not yet developed the necessary muscle control, which makes them more prone to be unable to free themselves should they get stuck or entangled.

In addition to that, the throats of toddlers have not yet developed fully and thus are smaller and less rigid compared to older kids and adults. What this means is that they can suffocate far more quickly should their necks become constricted.  Similar to drowning, toddlers may get strangled very fast and quietly too due to looped cords with their caregivers close by, possibly not even aware of what is already happening.

Blind Safety Image

Blind Safety – Making Blinds Safer

There are a variety of ways by which one can improve the blind safety in your home or in any place where your kids might visit such as the grandparents, hotels, holiday places etc.  Do you need to call a professional immediately to perform some safety measures? Not at all, there are things you can do on your own already to keep your window blinds safer for your kids.  For instance, you can try and tuck the cords up high so they cannot be reached by kids, even if they try standing on the bed or some other furniture present in the room or if they are climbing for some reason.

Beware of Looped Cords

A looped cord can quickly become a noose if your child falls with it around his or her neck.  Make sure that out of reach cords cannot be easily knocked down, more so if you have older kids in your home that might be a bit careless or overactive.  It is a must that all windows with cords require attention, as even young babies are known to accidentally pull window blind cords into their cots.  If you regularly use the blinds it is in your child’s best interest that you tuck away the cord but this is only a temporary solution, as everybody in the house will need to remember to have to put the cords out of reach every single time they use the blinds. Chances are, someone might forget and the unthinkable can happen.

Cutting Blind Cord Loops

Some window blinds can function correctly with two cords as opposed to a looped cord. This will not only make cords almost risk free but also can prevent the possibility of the cord turning into a deadly noose.  Prior to cutting any cords on your blinds, do take the time to check if the blinds will still function, as some models will require a cord to be looped. If this is the case, you might want to consider replacing the window blinds altogether. Check with the window blinds maker to determine if you are not going to void any warranty on your blinds. In order to remove the loop, simply cut both the cords located just above the tassel, remove the equalizer, and then place a new tassel on each cord.

Install Cordless Blinds

The best approach to remove these cords is to replace and install cordless blinds on your windows. Many companies today offer cordless blinds so it will not be a problem for you sourcing them. If you are considering purchasing new blinds, or renovating your home, these are definitely worth some serious consideration even if you do not have kids, they can surely remove altogether any danger that cords possess.

Keep in mind though, that cordless blinds do feature cords, so make sure that you select a product or model where the cord is safely hidden within the slats so they cannot be easily pulled out by small fingers.  They are operated by pushing, pulling and tilting the bottom rail. Quite a clever contraption indeed for safety purposes.

Use Safety Devices

You can also avail of a number of safety devices that is already out on the market. These devices are designed to specifically keep cords out of harm’s way.


These are small fixtures that you connect to the wall and then wind excess cord up around them. They are available anywhere from any reliable hardware store, online or through your friendly neighborhood window blinds installer.  Cleats should be installed high on the wall and out of reach, as a cleat can stop dangling cords, it can still create a noose and may be undone if the child is able to reach it.  If you are visiting a place where you are not allowed to drill into a wall, you can opt for blind cord wind ups. They let you wind up the cords within, and then fix them at a comfortably safe height without damaging the blinds or the wall.  If given a choice, using these devices is better compared to simply doing nothing at all. Nevertheless, it at all feasible, recommended cordless products are still the best option.

Awareness of your Safety Device

Children by nature are resourceful and curious. Even with all the safety measures at your disposal, a resourceful child may still access cords that are tied and seemingly out of reach, quietly and quickly. This is a reminder to ensure that if you are at the moment unable to have cordless products installed in your home, any safety device should be kept completely out of reach of children even if they try to climb it.

Removing Temptation

Children due to their curious nature love to explore and climb their immediate surroundings, so it is your job as a parent to ensure they are safe. It is best that you move beds and other climbable pieces of furniture away from nearby window blinds. This can help prevent accidents if the child is able to access the cords after climbing the furniture. Doing so can also prevent any accidents such as falling through an open window.

Many times there will be items in a typical room like chairs, toys and the like that may be dragged and purposely stood on. If you think this scenario is possible, make sure that the blind cords are high enough to the point that they are completely out of reach of small hands.  Keep in mind as well that window sills also make fabulous ladders, so if your child has the ability to stand on a sill, do make sure that the cords are high enough that he is not able to reach it in any way.

Quick Tips to Instantly Make your Window Blinds Safe

  • Install only cordless blinds in a child’s bedroom
  • Never place a child’s cot, bed, playpen or highchair near a window sill
  • Always pull cords on curtain and blinds and always keep them short and completely out of reach
  • Tie up the cords or use any of the many cleats, cord tidies, ties or clips that you can purchase easily
  • Never hang objects or toys that may become a hazard on the cot or your child’s bed
  • Avoid hanging drawstring bags where a small child can get their head through the loop resulting in a noose

Use Built-In Safety Systems

A built-in safety system are those that are already built into the product itself and does not require any additional installation or operation in order to use.  Some window shapes or sizes may not allow cordless window blinds or you might want to specifically want to coordinate with your current blinds. If this is the scenario, you might want to select a blind style or model that already has a built-in safety device like a chain break connector wherein the chain is designed to separate in the event of any undue pressure. Breakaway tassels located at the bottom of the cords also work in the same way.

Want to make sure your window blinds are safe for you and your kids? Call us today so we can advice and offer a practical solution.

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