Time to Spruce Up Those Old Window Blinds?

Get a Fresh Look with New Window Blinds for the Holidays This holiday season, your friends and family will gather at your home for food and festivities. While awaiting the chaos of planning and prepping, consider the indoor projects you have put on hold over the summer months. Is it time to update your window […]

How to Clean and Repair Your Blinds Before the Holidays

Tips on Cleaning and Repairing Blinds Now that the holidays are fast approaching, your blinds can probably use a little TLC to get them looking great again, just in time for all your guests to arrive. With these tips, you can clean and care for your window blinds easily. Cleaning Tips: Your window blinds need […]

General Repair Tips for Window Blinds

Simple Repair Advice for the Most Common Problems    Do you have some blinds that are giving you trouble? Here is some practical advice for DIY blind repair. First, determine what types of blinds you have in order to choose the correct repair techniques. Here are the 3 most common types of blinds and how to […]

5 Steps to Prevent Injuries from Blind Cords

Child Safety Tips for Window Blind Cords   October is National Window Covering Safety Month, which is a perfect time to prevent accidents caused by faulty or dangerously placed blind cords and keep your children and pets safe while playing. With these tips from Windowcoverings.org you can be at ease when it comes to your window […]

New Windows? Let Us Resize Your Old Blinds!

New Windows Doesn’t Have to Mean New Blinds   You know the saying – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Installing new windows in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need new blinds as well. If you still like the way your current blinds look, you may be able to resize them to fit […]

Don’t Throw Away Those Broken Blinds – Let Us Repair Them!

Tips to Repair Your Damaged Window Blinds   Storms, kids, and other accidents can cause unintentional damage to your window treatment. Although it can be incredibly frustrating, throwing the blinds away is not the only option. We at Blind Installation and repair are Hunter Douglas certified to install and repair your broken or damaged blinds. […]

Top 5 Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds

Motorized Window Blinds are a Beautiful Addition to Any Home   Motorized window blinds are a beautiful addition to any home, especially homes with young children. Without cords, there is no worry about twisting, tangling, or choking. But the perks go beyond safety and accessibility. Electronic House explains the top 5 reasons to get motorized window […]

How to Properly Measure Your Windows for Window Treatments

Measuring for Window Coverings Blind Installation & Repair recommends using a window covering professional to measure and install your window shades and blinds for proper fit and function. Most authorized dealers will include this service when purchasing a new product. Things to consider that ensure proper fit and function of window coverings: Are your window […]

Cleaning and Caring for Your Window Blinds

Prolong the Life of Your Window Blinds   Cleaning Instructions Window blinds are designed to require minimal care and cleaning; all that is necessary is regular dusting and periodic vacuuming. Dusting: Regular, light dusting maintains a like-new appearance of most blinds, shades, sheers, shutters and window panels. CAUTION: Do not use magnetic cleaners such as a […]

Care and Cleaning Helpful Hints

Use these helpful hints to keep your window coverings looking like new! ALTERNATIVE WOOD OR VINYL PRODUCTS • To reduce static cling and help repel dust, wipe the product with dryer sheets. • Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical solvents, as they will scratch or damage the surface. • Allow EverWood® Collection and First […]