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Blind Cord Safety

Most people don’t think much about the cords used to open and close curtains and blinds. However, these seemingly innocent items are capable of causing significant injury and death to babies, young children, and even pets.

Preventable Accidents

It takes just a few seconds for a child, pet or vulnerable adult to become entangled in curtains or blind cords. This can happen when cords are too long or end in a loop. If a child slips, moves quickly or plays with a cord, the cord can act like a noose and strangle the child. Pets can also easily become tangled in cords.

These traumatic accidents are preventable. However, many blinds are improperly installed, and existing safety mechanisms are used incorrectly.

What We’re Doing

At Blind Installation and Repair, we urge parents and caretakers to take steps to remove the very real threat posed to children, pets and vulnerable adults by existing curtain and blind cords. We want all families to be protected against this hidden danger.

If you tell one person, and that person tells one person, pretty soon, we’re all safer.

In December 2018, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association established a new guideline, stating that cords on custom-made window coverings cannot be longer than 40% of the height of the window covering. At Blind Installation and Repair, all products we sell and install comply with these standards. If you’re not sure whether your existing blind cords pose a potential danger to your children or pets, please contact us today.

Blind Safety Tips for Protecting Children and Pets

Smart Furniture Placement: Keep children and pets away from cords by moving cribs, playpens, beds and any climbable furniture away from windows.

Stay Alert: Both at home and away on holidays, make sure that blind and curtain cords are out of reach.

Make Loose Cords Safe: Install a simple hook on your wall next to your windows to wrap any long cords around. There are other ways to shorten your cords, please contact us help you through the process.

Replace Old Blinds: The simplest way to keep your children safe is to switch to cordless blinds. We can help you there.

Fix Your Current Blinds: If you can’t replace your blinds, you can retrofit older window coverings to be safer. Contact us to find out about child safe window coverings.

Learn More About Blind Safety

5 Steps to Prevent Injuries from Blind Cords

National Window Covering Safety Month is a perfect time to prevent accidents caused by faulty or dangerously placed blind cords and keep your children and pets safe while playing.

Keep Your Children Safe from Blind Cord Accidents

Most people donate give a second thought to blind cords or the cords used to open and close curtains. But research and recent development reveals that these seemingly innocent items are capable of strangling.

Safety Guidelines from the Window Covering Safety Council

With winter comes snow days, sledding, hot chocolate, and many other fun activities families can enjoy together. Children may want to run outside and play at the first sign of snow, but remember the indoor hazards.

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