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Measuring for Window Coverings

measure windowBlind Installation & Repair recommends using a window covering professional to measure and install your window shades and blinds for proper fit and function. Most authorized dealers will include this service when purchasing a new product.

Things to consider that ensure proper fit and function of window coverings:

  • Are your window frames square?
  • Should you consider an inside- or an outside-mounted installation?
  • Which products have an inherent gap between the shade and the window frame?

Measurement and Installation

Anything less than a perfect fit means less than a perfect look. So when you’re ready to find the right window covering, you’ll want to make the most of your investment by hiring a professional installer. Generally speaking, we recommend you keep a few things in mind for starters:

  • Measure each window thoroughly. This includes horizontal measurements at the top, center and bottom, and vertical measurements along both sides and at the center. Then take the additional and important step of measuring diagonally too. These measurements combined will reveal whether or not your window is square.
  • If a window isn’t square, consider an outside mount, installing the window covering above your opening.
  • If your window treatment telescopes to one side as it is raised, the window may not be level. Many shades have an adjustable bottom rail weight. It can be moved to compensate for the window frame and prevent telescoping.
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