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Tips on Cleaning and Repairing Blinds

blind-repairNow that the holidays are fast approaching, your blinds can probably use a little TLC to get them looking great again, just in time for all your guests to arrive. With these tips, you can clean and care for your window blinds easily.

Cleaning Tips:

Your window blinds need minimal care and cleaning. On alternative wood or vinyl products, wipe them with a dryer sheet to reduce static and help repel dust. On wood blinds, use a dry, soft feather duster, clean cloth or a dusting mitt. It is not recommended to use a cleaner with a chemical solvent as this will damage the product. Dusting gives a like-new appearance to your blinds.

For cloth blinds, try vacuuming gently with a brush or use a can of compressed air or a hair dryer without the heat setting to blow off the dust. Be sure you are very careful not to hold it too close to the fabric as it could cause damage.

More Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Common Repairs:

Blinds not raising or lowering properly? Hold lift cords parallel to the headrail and pull as normal. Both cords should release. If not, manually release cords by pressing on the pin within the cord locking mechanism, located on the headrail. Make sure you have an extra set of hands as the blinds will release!

Do you have blind slats that won’t tilt properly? The tilter strings may have gotten stuck in the tilter mechanism. Remove the headrail cover, locate and remove the tilter mechanism. Untangle the cord and return to its proper position on the wheel.

Cleaning and repairing your blinds will help keep them looking nicer and help them last longer as well. Freshen any room with freshly cleaned and working blinds, just in time for family and friends to gather over the holiday season.

More DIY Repair Tips

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