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smiling baby - blind cord safety

When you have a small child, it can seem like everything in your home is dangerous. Cleaning supplies need to be locked away, stairs need to be blocked and furniture needs to be secured to the wall. In the ongoing (and seemingly never-ending) effort to childproof your home, it’s easy to miss some of the less obvious hazards. This is why Blind Cord Safety Awareness Month – observed every February – is so important.

According to the United States Product Safety Commission, corded window coverings are among the top five hidden hazards in U.S. homes. To help parents keep their kids safe from blind cord injuries, we’re offering three tips for improving blind cord safety.

1. Shorten or secure cords

Trim existing cords so they’re out of your child’s reach. There are also several options to secure cords so children can’t get ahold of them. Tensioners keep the cord attached to a window frame, breakaway tassels create a cord loop, and inner cord stops allow you to adjust the length of blind cords.

2. Move furniture away from cords

Don’t place cribs, beds or any climbable furniture near windows with blind cords. Don’t underestimate your child’s desire and ability to climb!

3. Go cordless

The best solution to minimize blind cord danger is to get rid of the cords altogether! Consider swapping your corded blinds for safer, cordless options. Not only will this minimize the risks of blind cords, but it will allow you to upgrade your blinds to the newest, most stylish options available today. Get in touch for more information or a free quote!

At Blind Installation and Repair, we care about the safety of your family. This Blind Cord Safety Awareness Month, we want to help make your home safer. We offer repairs and support for installation and adjustment to your existing blinds. Give us a call for more information and to get started!

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