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Let’s say you just got your roller shade repaired, or just got a fresh cleaning, what do you do now?

Getting them re-installed is your next course of action. No need to reach out to anyone, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Check out the video below to learn how to re-install a Hunter Douglas Roller shade.

Need to re-install a Hunter Douglas Roller Shade after cleaning or repair? Watch this video for step by step instructions.



We’re re-installing a Hunter Douglas Cassette Roller Shade with a clutch-operated bead chain.

You’re going to want to get eye-level with the shade then start by placing this front tab on the ridge of the blind on both sides.

Next, you’re just going to simply rotate back until you hear them snap in.

The last step is to re-mount your cord tensioner. You have a screw inside of there that needs to go in there. So we have to pull down slightly on the string, line everything up, and then tighten your screw.

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