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Window blind with plant

Are you having some issues with your window blinds not working properly? We are here to help! The following is a list of DIY ways for simple window blind repairs, categorized by the problems that your blinds may be experiencing.

The Issue: Not Raising or Lowering Properly

Fix: Hold lift cords parallel to the headrail and pull as normal (both cords should release). If the cords do not release, manually release cords by pressing on the pin within the cord locking mechanism ( located on the headrail).

The Issue: Blind Slats Won’t Tilt Properly

Fix: The tilter strings may have gotten stuck in the tilter mechanism on your Aluminum Blinds. Remove the headrail cover, locate and remove the tilter mechanism. Finally, untangle the cord and return to its proper position on the wheel.

The Issue: Vanes Have Come Out of Alignment

Fix: Remove the vane using something firm and flat like a credit card and adjust the piece that is out of alignment. Return the vane back to its place in the vertical blinds.

The Issue: Chain is Difficult to Pull in Either Direction

Fix: Remove the control end cap and gently tap the opposite end of the headrail. Loosen the push nut so the mechanism can operate more smoothly.

The Issue: Wood Blind Slats Won’t Tilt

Fix: Check to make sure that the string ladders are still attached to the wheel. If not, reattach them. Also, check to make sure that the wheel is sitting correctly in its place.

If these simple fixes don’t solve your problem, give our repair team a call.

Blind  Installation  and  Repair  is  ready  to make  any window blind  repairs beyond  the  DIY  variety,  as  well as  provide  top-notch blind installation. Contact  our  expert  blind  installers  today.  We’d  be happy  to  help!

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