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Window Blinds

Many people don’t realize the hidden danger right in plain sight – window blind cords. Follow these tips to make your living area a safer place this summer and then take our Just One Pledge to spread blind cord safety awareness.

Make Cords Shorter

Make sure all tassels and cords are pulled as short as possible. Install a hook on the wall next to your windows to wrap any long cords around to shorten them and keep them out of reach. You can also install a roll-up cord to keep cords flush against the wall, but still easy for parents to use. There are other ways to shorten your cords, please contact us to help you through the process.

Strategic Furniture Placement

Keeping cribs, beds or playpens away from windows will prevent the opportunity of a child becoming entangled in any cords. If possible, keep all furniture along walls that do not have windows, especially ones that your child is in regularly or play on. Consider placing pillows or cushions in the sun’s path so they can still enjoy the sun without having to sit dangerously close to the blind cords.

Go Cordless 

This fix takes a bit more time and planning but is much easier and faster than you think. If you’ve been considering an upgrade for a while, summer is the perfect time to take the plunge and swap out your corded blinds for cordless blinds. Not only are cordless blinds safer and easier to use, but there are many stylish options to suit any home décor. Request a quote today!

For more tips and information, visit the Window Safety Council’s Website. As always, we are here to offer blind repairs, adjustments to your blinds, and support for installation.

Just One

Blinds with cords are in the top 5 hidden household dangers according to the FCC. Help us spread the Awareness of Blind Cord Safety in your community! If you tell one person about blind cord safety and that person tells one person…pretty soon, we’re all safer. An easy way to start is by sharing this blog post with someone who has young children or owns pets. Together, we can make the world safer one window at a time!

Sign our pledge to tell just one person and help us spread the Awareness on Blind Cord Safety.

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