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For many people, the extra time at home over the past few months has opened their eyes to new tasks and projects around the house. Those minor issues that didn’t register before – like a broken window blind – is suddenly a problem that must be fixed immediately. Luckily, many minor window blind repairs can be made at home with no outside assistance. But if you find yourself stuck, don’t hesitate to give Blind Installation & Repair a call.

The first step is to identify the type of blinds that need repair, and then use the appropriate repair techniques for that type. Continue reading to learn about the three most common types of window blinds, and how to repair them properly.

window blind repairs

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Aluminum Blinds:

Problem: Not raising or lowering properly

Repair: Hold lift cords parallel to the headrail and pull as normal. Both cords should release. If not, manually release cords by pressing on the pin within the cord locking mechanism, located on the headrail. Make sure you have an extra set of hands when the blinds release!

Problem: Blind slats won’t tilt properly

Repair: The tilter strings may have gotten stuck in the mechanism. Remove the headrail cover, then locate and remove the tilter mechanism. Untangle the cord and return to its position on the wheel.


Vertical Blinds:

Problem: Vanes have come out of alignment.

Repair: Remove the vane using something firm and flat, like a credit card. Adjust the piece that is out of alignment. Return the vane back to its place.

Problem: Chain is difficult to pull in either direction.

Repair: Remove the control end cap and gently tap the opposite end of the headrail. Loosen the push nut so the mechanism can operate more smoothly.


Wood Blinds:

These are similar to aluminum or venetian blinds. If the slats won’t tilt, check to make sure that the string ladders are still attached to the wheel. If not, reattach them. Also, check to make sure that the wheel is sitting correctly in its place.


Can’t complete your window blind repairs on your own? Contact Blind Installation and Repair at (763) 586-0109.

Blind Installation and Repair is your resource for blinds in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. In addition to installation of new blinds, we make blind repairs and offer design consultations. In addition, through our Just One safety campaign, we educate homeowners and business on the dangers of blind cords to children and pets.

Whatever your blind issue, our experienced blind installers and repair team are ready to help. Contact us today to get started.

(This is a repost of a blog post that was updated in May 2020.)

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