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June marks the summer solstice, and the longest days of the year. After a long winter in Minnesota, these sunny days are a welcome change – but they can pose some challenges. It can be tough to get children to sleep when the sun is streaming through the blinds, and those who work nights need to block out the sun to sleep. In addition, sunlight can make houses hotter and less pleasant in the warmer months. Light-blocking shades can make a big difference in improving sleep and livability of a home.


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We’re sharing a few tips, courtesy of Hunter Douglas, on how to choose the best light-blocking window coverings for your home. Contact Blind Installation & Repair to discuss your needs and the best options for you.

Fabric Type and Color

Window coverings made of semi-opaque and opaque fabrics will be much more effective at blocking light than those made from sheer fabrics. In addition, dark colors will block light better than white or lighter colors.

Light-Blocking Features

Some window coverings have light-blocking features that are designed specifically to minimize light gaps, seams and rout holes.


Room-darkening liners can be sewn directly onto the fabric of the window covering, or can be operated independently for greater flexibility and control.

Heat Control

Honeycomb shades have cellular designs with an extra layer of insulation next to the window. This offers more protection against light, as well as hot air in summer and cold air in winter. Honeycomb shades can even block outside noise, making them a great choice for kids’ and babies’ bedrooms.

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