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Motorized window coverings have been around for many years. But with the advent of smart blinds, they’ve become even more convenient and user-friendly. Not sure what smart blinds are or how they could make your life easier? We’re sharing their pros and cons, courtesy of, below.

smart blinds

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What Are Smart Blinds?

Like motorized blinds, smart blinds open and close without any physical contact. But instead of using a remote or pushing a button, they’re voice-activated. You’ll just need to tell your digital home automation platform, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, to raise or lower your blinds.

What are the Benefits of Smart Blinds?

The primary benefit of smart window coverings is the convenience factor. You won’t have to physically raise and lower blinds or open and close curtains – just ask Alexa or Google to do it. You can also control blinds through your smartphone, even when you’re away. This improves the security of your home.

In addition to voice activation, you can also set a schedule on which your window coverings open and close. So if you get morning sun through a specific window, for example, you can set the blinds to close in the morning and open when the sun changes position. This will improve the energy efficiency of your home, and make heating and cooling easier to manage.

Do I Need to Buy New Blinds?

Many window covering manufacturers sell smart blinds, with more options being added every year. However, you can also retrofit your current blinds, curtains or shades in order to make them voice activated via your home automation device. There are several kits available at major retailers, and installation is fairly simple. As always, give Blind Installation & Repair a call if you run into any issues.

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